Working with our driver training schools

2010 ICBC Report
Kaniz Dhirani knows how to take a challenge and turn it into an opportunity. She started Ladybug Driving School six years ago after she couldn’t find a female driving instructor for her daughter. The school specializes in teaching women how to drive defensively in a safe environment, and focuses on those who lack confidence due to ethnic backgrounds, language barriers or challenging circumstances.

“We have a lot of students who have international licences, and need direction on how to change their licence to a BC licence. ICBC has given us the knowledge to do that. A lot of our students are also multicultural and ICBC has translated the Road Sense for Drivers book into several different languages, which is very beneficial for our students,” says Kaniz.

Driver training schools provide a valuable road safety education service to the public in BC. There are over 500 licensed private driver training businesses in BC and they employ over 2,000 qualified driver training instructors.

ICBC and the driver training industry hold a common vested interest in providing positive customer experiences and promoting road safety education. This mutual interest in safety and service to customers forms the foundation of our business relationship.

Our Driver Licensing division works with members of the industry to establish driver education and testing standards that focus on the knowledge, skills and attitudes essential to licensing safe drivers. It’s supported by a range of interactions, which range from casual information sharing conversations to formal collaboration on major projects.

This article is featured in the ICBC 2010 Annual Report. It can be found on page 68.

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