Being a compact, unique and friendly local driving school, we are able to tailor lessons to suit your needs. At Ladybug Driving School, Ltd. we offer single lessons, as well as various plans to choose from. We offer evening and weekend appointments for your convenience. Start your lessons NOW. Your lessons will be taken in a fully equipped dual-controlled vehicle.

The one-on one-relationship which we build with the same instructor every time encourages your confidence. As we help our students build their knowledge and confidence, the fear will disappear.

Available Plans:

Individual Lessons

To qualify you must have at least 35 hours of prior driving experience.

Road Test Vehicle Rental (maximum 2 hours and a 50 minute lesson included) – $150.00

Vehicle Rental – $80

Plan A – 10 Lessons

This is recommended for students with at least 20 hours of prior experience – $600

  • Driving Fundamentals
  • Observational Principles
  • Hazard Perception and Maneuvers
  • Pre Road Test Preparation and Road Test Evaluation

Plan B – 20 Lessons

This is recommended for students with some or no prior experience. Plus bonus vehicle for the road test – $1200

  • Observational Principles
  • Hazard Perceptions and Basic Maneuvers
  • Parallel / Stall Parking
  • Backing up Straight
  • Three and Two Point Turn
  • Freeway
  • Pre Road Test Preparation and Road Test Evaluation

Road Test Package


  • RT3: Three lessons and vehicle for the road test
  • RT5: Five lessons and no vehicle

Learner’s Assistance

Do you have difficulty getting your learners licence? Do you have trouble reading? Have you recently immigrated to B.C? Do you have a disability? If you answered any of the above questions with a YES, than Ladybug Driving School Ltd. has the right program for you! We offer a program for those who have trouble reading the Road Sense for Drivers Book and passing their knowledge test to obtain the learners license. Our trained instructors can help you overcome your challenges. To book your appointment, Contact Us.