Monica Cowan

How can I begin to thank you for everything you have done for me? I am so glad I decided to take my driving lessons with you. You have made me feel completely comfortable from the first day I met you. You are an amazing instructor with a lot of patience and a lot of positive and encouraging words for your students. You are the sweetest and most caring person I know. That is a good quality to have. I want to thank you for having so much faith in me, and telling me not to ever feel discouraged if I fail. Just keep trying and do not quit, because it will be worth it in the end when I get my license. You know what? You were right; it was all definitely worth it in the end. This is just one positive accomplishment I have made in my life and I can only go forward from here. It is another step towards independence and I have to thank you for it. I would recommend you to anyone who wants to learn how to drive or just refresh their driving skills. I will always be eternally thankful for you and all the help you have given to me. I dont just think of you as my driving instructor, I think of you as my friend and my sister from another mother. We will definitely have to go our for coffee every now and again to catch up. I want us to stay in touch with each other. I think we had a lot of fun driving lessons together, we have had a lot of laughs. You are a wonderful human being, stay sweet. Who knows maybe you will even see my daughter in a couple of years for lessons. I wish you and your family well and all the best success in the years to come.

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