I think Divine Intervention is responsible for me finding my way to you. I had not driven in more than sixteen years after being in a serious car crash. I lacked the confidence and faith that I could drive once again. I called several driving schools in the Lower Mainland and did not feel confident in the way they responded to my questions about their services. In most cases, they did not seem to care. Then one day while out walking with a friend, I saw one of your Ladybug vehicles. I waved at the driver and she pulled over. She was amazing, she answered all my questions and assured me that Ladybug Vancouver Driving School has just the right instructor for someone as fearful and nervous as I was. I called the school the next day and spoke with you. You encouraged me to get back out there. Because of your kindness and empathy I felt I could trust you enough to get behind the wheel once again. Thanks to you especially, and your amazing driving school, the world is a safer place. Thanks to you and your caring compassion and professionalism, I am back on the road again. I will be singing your praises to anyone who will listen. With my gratitude and deepest respect.

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